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What People have said:

"Thank you for the materials and thankyou for today Jack really enjoyed himself. The rest of the day he was saying bubbles and tweat tweat and walking on his tippy toes they were obviously his highlights.
Thanks again you do an amazing job" Rebecca

" Thanks for another fantastic lesson. I am loving seeing how enthusiastic Oli is in the class, and very excited he is already learning about crochets, quavers etc. He is continually singing the songs too at home." Renee

"Just wanting to let you know that I'm always your fan when it comes to KM. My kids benefited from your class and there's no doubt about this!" Jamie

"Yes Sally is very fond of you and will miss you, you were very much a big part of her love of music. She picked yellow flowers for you because they smell like lemonade (apparently) LOL. Thanks for being her first ever teacher! We really enjoyed our time with you, you have a great program." Mikayla

"we'd love to thank you for everything you've done musically with us. I have learnt so much about how little ones learn and function and Zac has had the best time dancing and singing. He has come leaps and bounds with finding his singing voice, learning to listen and learning how to respond both to people and to music. I decided to try Kindermusik so that we would have something happy to go to every week, and music with you definitely was that for us." Wendy

"he was very excited to be going to class on Thursday, and I was proud he stayed in the whole time. He really does love the class, so thank you for being such a great teacher!"Elizabeth

"She has such fun and is so independent, especially with the hoop, I'm not aloud to hold it! She still insists on singing the Mr Sun song (with actions!) and reading Zane the Train book most days!

I am amazed as to how much Sophie has learnt at kinder musik. When she started daycare this year they thought she had been going for ages because of how well she interacted in group time and participated. All because she does it at kindermusik. Over time in really see the benefits." Tracey

"Thanks again for running such amazing classes. Ariana grew a lot in the year she attended :) she loves music and will surely miss the classes."

"Luke still misses kindermusik. In fact he is standing beside me getting tears in his eyes as he recalls his kindermusik days. I’m a little surprised by the emotion. “At least I still have you mum” he says as I stop to give him a hug. Thank you again Michelle. Whatever you did left such a lovely memory for my little boy…. "

"the foundations you helped set in him have continued to foster and he can’t hear a beat without moving his body in some way to it. We’ve incorporated a lot of beat into his speech therapy which has helped in spades too......You really were wonderful with him Michelle, and I credit Kindermusik a lot with helping to stabilise his behaviour and promote much needed speech, language & cognitive growth for him." Adelle

"You offer such a great program and are so awesome, you deserve the best :)" Kate

"I would like to thank you for the love of music you have helped me to instil in Harry; he will be going on to learn piano & he hopes to also learn the violin" Katherine

"Josh had just started daycare (3 days) .... He is settling in ok and apparently loves all the group time for singing and stories and really pays attention to the teachers, so looks like kindermusik prepared him well!" Trish

"We have enjoyed your classes very much, and it has allowed Kayla to spend invaluable time with her dad. What we love is that Kindermusick lets parents participate too. It's so important to find something that both parent and child enjoy! ....thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts for providing so much joy over the last year for our family. I am so glad that our friend recommended you. We have learnt many new songs (Kayla refers to them as "Kayla's songs"!) and will continue to sing and boogie to them! I listen to them all the time with Kayla in the car! thank you, thank you, thank you, Michelle. Kayla will miss you very much!" Kristy

"Today was completely amazing......And the amazement continued this afternoon. After not having a sleep, I asked Brianna what music she wanted on, picked "Snowman", a Christmas carol selection. Brianna put her "fairy" top on with her fairy skirt and picked up some squares of sheet fabric in her play area, and spent the afternoon waving them around in time to the music, skipping, jumping, running and in between she would play her drum, tamborine or bell instruments (especially when she heard the sound of jingle bells, picking the instrument that matched the sound). And I was asked to join in and we had lots of dancing with fabric. Tonight Brianna has been trying to sing the words to the Christmas songs and she's only heard them maybe 3 times....And I have to say a huge thank you for being such a wonderful teacher!! Your enthusiasm is amazing and contagious. Without your support and encouragement it would have been challenging and I really appreciate it." Tina

"I think you should take some credit for Alex making it into the K-2 school choir. She was obviously comfortable singing in a group and even had the confidence to stand up and audition on her own, in front of the teachers and other students. I don’t think she would have done that if she hadn’t spent the previous four years at Kindermusik, so thank you." Hailey

"Lukas really enjoys music in general and loves music class. Sorry if he gets a little excited but he really does enjoy it and it's great to see him so happy. I wish I had enrolled him sooner! " Wendy

"Thanks Michelle. I really believe music classes helped his development so much. It's been a great investment in his future. ...I think you do a great job managing the classes and have always admired and respected the prep you do and the way the classes go." Rebecca

"David (Grandfather) is so proud to help Harry in his class. He is not musically confident himself so he loves the way each child can participate at their own pace and move to the music on their own." Sherry

"He is loving the online materials and cd btw. It's farm a mania here at the moment :-)
He even said "Jenny Jenkins" tonight. So cute!!" Rebecca

"I cannot express to you enough how much your classes have done for Jack, and I. Between all of the plethora of activities all of my kids have done prior to going school, I rate Kindermusik (your class specifically) the highest. We have both really enjoyed coming, and getting to know you. Your kindness and support has been such a gift to us. You put so much time and effort and genuine warmth into your lessons." Brooke

"We went to port Macquarie ....loooong drive
And guess wat we listened to all the way there and back??
The On The Farm CD!
It's a credit to the creators that after 15+ hours we still thoroughly enjoyed listening to the CD :):) Chris has been asking for you every week. He really enjoys being taught by you." Sarah

"Thanks for making music so much fun. Tom is absolutely loving his time with Lauren on Sat mornings!" Kristy

"Its been a really great experience, I felt that it was good for Alison this term, she seemed to get more out of it this time around. Towards the end, she willingly sat on my lap and lined up to put things back in their box!" Tracey

"Thanks for another great session and the follow-up info. Gerald was playing in the sandpit yesterday and told himself to “dust, dust, dust” his hands! Then made some sand ‘cakes’:) " Emily

"thanks again for another great class. After Laura didn't want to leave, we got home (listening to the latest CD of course), and she didn't want to get out of the car saying "music" just wanting to go back to class, absolutely LOVES music and especially kindermusik." Michelle

"Just wanted to say even though Binly was quiet she loved her first class. She was excited to get there and got upset when I had to drive out of the carpark to park in the street.
And even though we've only danced to the shaking hands song twice, she knows all the actions and clapping and tapping her toes when I couldn't even hear the music during story time!!" Jenna

"Ben had such a great time at music today. He's been making up songs all day as he does his activities. Thank you for being such a great teacher. I love that he has developed such a love for music." Carie

"Thank you for their love of experimenting with instruments (it sure does make for a noisy house but I wouldn't have it any other way)" Leesa

"Thank you for everything again this year, I truly believe Kindermusik has been so beneficial for J. Have a wonderful Christmas". Susan

"Hi Michelle I wanted to say thank you for a great time we had with music, tim absolutely loved it and talks about it all the time! You make the class a lot of fun and a very special time he and I can share together." Terry

"I wanted to say thankyou for all the work and planning you put into making last term/s 'Our Time' sessions so much fun and good learning for Josh. You might remember, i was a bit aprehensive about Josh joining in with the bigger kids, but I have been so thrilled at his participation and enjoyment in your groups, it really makes me smile, and i enjoy the quality time we share as much as Josh enjoys the play! I just couldn't believe it when he started blowing into the harmonica after only three days of trying! He's also surpassed my expectations in terms of him climbing through the hoops and holding hands and dancing with the group! Now he's stomping too! It's just been so much fun and so rewarding for us both on many levels and I am really very appreciative of the time and effort you put in each and every week! We can't wait to come back next year!" Tracey (son has developmental challenges)

"Thanks for another great term, although Sophie is quiet in class she really enjoys it. Once we're in the car and I say we're going to Kindermusik Sophie will start patting her legs like in the welcome song!" Lynda

"Thanks for a fabulous term! Molly has really taken to the music, listening and doing the actions by herself. And she takes her Dream Pillow book into bed for me to sing to her while tucking her in (and when I couldn't remember where I was up to Molly prompted me by saying "stars" - amazing!" Merrin

" It has been a difficult time having babies and no support around. I had a meltdown that day.........totally lost it. Its by coming to activities and classes such as kindermusic that has got me through. Love your enthusiasm and patience by the way!" Renae

"Hi again Michelle
Couldn't resist the urge to email you to let you know Josh started blowing into his harmonica this morning!! We are all thrilled! Great fun!
Thanks again" Tracey

"Ryan has been singing some parts of the songs all day & sometime making up his own words... I'm suprised how much he is absorbing so soon. Thomas likes the walking on your toes activity :) Lindall

"Thanks Michelle, this is Kate's way. She often holds back, observes, takes it all in, then joins in her own time. She was doing train actions and sounds all afternoon, and I had to tell her that her harmonica had to be cleaned in order to have some peace.... She was saying that she didn't want the class to end." Jackie

"You put so much work and effort into all the classes and it was something we looked forward to every Monday...I would highly recommend your classes to other mums, it really has been a memorable experience." Deborah

"Thanks Michelle for the great term. Brooke enjoyed her classes and it's the only class that she never gets tired of" Katrina

"We really enjoy your class, Bella loves every song she learned from the class.
I will recommend you to every friend of mine who has kid and want to give their kid an opportunity to learn and enjoy music and dancing." Kylie

"I asked Sally "What was your favourite part of the day Sophie?'
'Playing at Kindy Music with you Mum" she replied.....She loves singing Kindymusic songs at home and often 'plays' kindymusic
and says 'what would you like to do today?" Kelly

"I thought you might also like to know, I came home from work last
night and the boys were asking for the Music & Me CD before dinner, we
were all rolling around like pig's again.... It's so beautiful. The
boys respond so well and finally listern to my instructions. They work
as a team and have become even more attached to their mummy. We are
very greatful to have found your program." Kylie

" If I have not said it before, I appreciate the extra effort you go to in collating and providing this information for us. I read with interest each handout as it comes.
This weeks resonates with me in particular, because I know the significance of the circle dance for Mathew. When I watch him now delight in holding hands and joining in each week, it reminds me of how far my boy has come - a very far cry from the child who would never let anyone in his personal space and refuse to hold a hand" Julie

"About now, was when I culled most activities for my older two, and concentrated on just preschool and swimming. And even though logistically it is a struggle time wise for Jake and I to attend Kindermusik, there is just not a chance I would consider giving it up for him,It has been that beneficial for my son.Jake’s Kindermusik lessons have played a big and very important role in where we have arrived at. Although it would have been difficult to tell sometimes – Kindermusik has always been a favourite with him.Thank you for your support and understanding. As I have said to you before, the kids and I have done the gamut of kiddy activities you can do. None of which hold a candle to what J and I have experienced with your lessons. Kindermusik itself is great – but what’s great is you Michele. You genuinely care – and it shows through your classes" Samantha

"Hi Michelle – thank you for a wonderful time this year, the kindermusik classes really have exceeded all my expectations and I know for a fact that that is because of you – your enthusiasm and passion (and patience) really shines through" Tanya

"I just want to thank you for all your hard work! Zeek absolutely loves you and has had so much fun." Monika

"I forgot to tell you a story. The other night I heard Isaac in bed singing about "his lost dog"... It was about 12am. You've heard of sleep talking, how about sleep singing? Yep, he was fast asleep but can still carry a tune :-)" Therese

"He really does love Kindermusik. Every Monday, myself, Jake and Liam actually ‘do’ a pseudo Kindermusik lesson at home. The boys love it. I rotate the books the kids have downstairs every week from the selection of books in their room – but Jake refuses to let me ever remove the Kindermusik ones. He is particularly hooked on last terms Milk and Cookies and My House one. Just about wets himself over finding the kangaroo and making the noises in the latter one. Music is one thing that actually triggers a response in Jake’s behaviour – he still will only settle when he wants – but music can actually get through where nothing else can. I credit that with his exposure to Kindermusik from such an early age. Over the last 6 years, I have taken my kids to nearly every paid activity you can take a child to. Gymbaroo, Soccatoos, Music programs, swimming etc etc etc – there is probably not an activity or program going we haven’t tried. Hands down, I believe you are the best ‘teacher’ and that your lessons and preparation/information you distribute to the parents – is the best out of all of them. I mean that sincerely. I would recommend your particular program as run by you to parents over anything else they can engage their children in" Samantha

"Heard Matilda playing with Opal yesterday, singing 'Opal likes Mummy's milk, Yum yum, Mummy's milk!' Gotta love Kindermusik's way of getting into everything! Bathtime, playtime, clean-up time, exploring time, there's always a song. Clancy was wavering around singing 'We're floating down the river' then jumping madly for the 'Can't jump Josie' bit. It's fantastic" Kelly

"Patrick loves music, "dancing" as he calls it and during the time he has been attending your classes he has grown and developed across all areas and we cannot thank you enough for the change this opportunity has provided him. I like the sound of the new program and think the imaginative side of play and learning is a great idea. I think a lot of people underestimate the value of imaginative play these days. I love the idea of being able to participate in the last 15 minutes with him and getting more of an idea of what he is learning and doing - being a bit more hands on but not involved in all of it. I must admit I have thought of stopping him at the end of this semester - only because of baby #2 coming along and he has a pretty full calendar with something every day except Friday, however don't think he is going to like that idea too much (and neither does hubby who loves hearing about what he has done and seeing the new-found confidence in him and his love of singing and instruments)" Janet

"She certainly does love going to class. We listen to the CD's every day at home and she has taught our entire family the words and actions to the songs." Belinda

'I have been meaning to email you to say how much both Shane and Oli are enjoying the class. We have been playing the Cd at home and dancing and having lots of fun with it."

"Just a quick note to say thanks for the Kindermusik session this morning. I can see Elise absolutely loves going and gets a lot out of it while she’s there. When we were talking about it later in the day she had plenty to say too, so we had a good chat about it. Keep up the good work." Ben

"Jack and I have a great time at Kindermusik, it's such a great way to have fun and learn at the same time. It's also great for me as I'm not that creative in thinking of activities to do with Jack and Kindermusik provides me with some great suggestions." Jodie

" To say that Alexander and I love Kindermusik is an understatement - I enjoy our time on Monday as it is a time to really connect with him and just have fun. Then the program is designed and supported so well with the take home resources that we can continue that fun and learning at home in so many ways.
Please know that we appreciate you GREATLY! As a 'retired' teacher I appreciate that a program can be wonderful but if it is not delivered by a teacher who is passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable it will fall flat. You are so warm and encouraging to all the kids and that is wonderful. Alexander takes a little while to warm up to people and new things but he really enjoys the classes and your encouragement and praise is wonderful to hear." Monique

" I was very proud of how Patrick is starting to try new actions, like rolling and is starting to participate in newer songs first time, like down in the meadow. I really want to thank you for all your encouragement and support in going above and beyond to help Patrick settle in to the class and enjoy it as well. A lot of people would not go to the effort that you have and I really appreciate it. He is a shy boy but is starting to really warm up to you - i though it very cute that he sat closer to you today in the goodbye song than me! " Angela

"Flynn absolutely loves the class and cannot get enough of the cd and book on the other 6 days of the week." Renae

"I have loved our classes so far! I think your a great singer and it's heaps of fun, plus very good for Amber to use her imagination and I love that it lets her be creative through movement, reading, instruments and dance." Liz

"You are doing a wonderful job! The classes run at a great pace, the activities are excellent and your delivery is perfect. I love all the positive reinforcement you use to manage the kids.
Ryan loves the at home activities.
We love Kindamusic!!!" Kate

"Thank you for your kind words about Kate. Kate sees you as part of her life, so thank you for running Kindermusik, WE LOVE IT." Diana

"Tim and I both thoroughly enjoy the classes and I am very happy that we have decided to join in Kindermusik. I find that the activities we do in class are easily transferred to home and that the ideas and tips you give along the way are often an easy and inexpensive way to keep Alexander entertained (e.g. a paper plate with a hole in it, a tissue box filled with materials of different textures).
Tim has always loved music and song ever since we brought him home from hospital - he particularly likes jazz which I am quite happy with! Participating in Kindermusik has made me realise the importance of exposure to many different styles of music etc so we make a point of borrowing CDS from the local library to listen to - this week it is Global Village with a range of songs from around the world, last week it was Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. This is something I probably would have overlooked had we not been coming to your classes.
The home CD we listen to quite a bit - usually just selected tracks that we know from class, but other times we just have it on in the background. He really likes the Charleston song, the Ten Penny Dance, and the musical story - it helps that the activities are so fun with this book. He loves the scarf that was part of the home package - we use this to play peek a boo with, to swirl and shake in the air and to hide toys under. The shaker is a HUGE hit - we play a game when if he is shaking it I do silly dances/movements or sing and when he stops I freeze. He finds this very entertaining. We also use it to accentuate parts of songs and when we are reading 'This is my Dance' to shake along with the rhyme. It is the perfect size to fit into little hands and also it is not too loud as Tim can sometimes be turned off toys that are too loud.
I think the classes are well structured and that you ensure that there is a mixture of movement and down time for parents to recover after dancing around with bubs who are getting heavier and heavier. You are always well prepared and all the required materials are easy to hand so that helps the classes run smoothly. There is also a good balance of familiar activities with new songs which I think is important because too many new songs could be overwhelming with little bubs not knowing what is going to come next" Janelle

"Both Seb and I love the classes, i think he really enjoys them. Its great to have some time each week dedicated to him and to only focus on him.
He loves anything musical and loves bopping around to the music." Kim

"I as a parent I found kindermusik fantastic for Ruby - it allowed her to meet new people, have new challenges and burn off a bit of excess energy. I also enjoyed the fact that the parents are able to get involved... We all tend to get a bit caught up with working and the business of day to day life - so to take time out with Ruby was awesome.
Ruby thought KM was great... She found the CD easy to sing along and before we knew it she was singing along. She enjoyed using her imagination with the different music and story telling." Pam

'Last Monday Cruz was NOT AT ALL stoked on going to the music class. But, I made him go…of course, to try it for one day! I told him that if he didn’t like it we wouldn’t have to go back (but I knew he would love it). Anyway, he was ….shy boy at first, as you saw. Then half way through the class he ran up to me and said….Mom, this is fun – I like this. And then on the way home he kept talking about how fun it was and wanted to go back “tomorrow”.
On Tuesday he woke up and said…can we go to music class today!?
So, anyway, I wanted to encourage you…MY SON LOVED IT! And is very excited about Monday!" Louise