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Introducing Michelle,
Director and licenced Kindermusik Educator.

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I am a mum to 3 beautiful children, and have been operating my Kindermusik business for 8 years. Within the Kindermusik organisation I have achieved the Maestro Award for 5yrs. This award recognises the top Kindermusik programs internationally.

I have a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications and whilst taking a break from my career to bring up my children, I discovered Kindermusik. With my own background in piano, my growing knowledge of the powerful impact of music in children's lives, and the shared value system of Kindermusik, it seemed like a perfect fit.

After becoming a trained and Licenced Kindermusik Educator I began my Kindermusik journey. I believe the power of music in a child's life lies in making it accessible and fun. I aim to create a class room environment that builds the foundations for children to have a lifelong relationship with music and experience it as a friend or companion.

I love engaging with kids and their worlds of imagination and play, especially through music and movement. I love valuing children by giving them quality time and attention, and hope to bring music and all it’s benefits into the lives of other families, using it to build, enrich and encourage little people and their family relationships. I believe that impacting kids in a positive way extends to their family and contributes to building positive future communities.

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