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QHow do BABIES really benefit from their own music class?

AYour Kindermusik educator will regularly integrate Foundations of Learning statements and help you to see what benefits your children are deriving from the activities. They will also offer suggestions for how to participate in the activities with different age groups.

One of the goals in the Village class for young babies is to develop a supportive community of parents who encourage the children and each other. It is important that young children are comfortable with the teacher, the parents, and the other children so that they feel the security to try out their independence in a safe, supportive environment.

One thing that really solidifies many parents belief in the Village program is seeing their children at home and what a lasting impact the classes have made. Parents often find their young children lying on the floor when listening to the "Quiet Time" song on the Home CD or acting out an activity that was done in class. Music becomes a large part of these families lives, even when it wasn t before.

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