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QWhat if I want to enrol my child in gymnastics, dance, soccer, karate, or pre-school?

AAs children reach the age of 3 to 4, a world of possibilities in the community opens up to them. We can send our children to any number of wonderful activities, but they don't all involve the family. Being able to enjoy our families in a rich musical environment is priceless. Today, children are being pushed out into the world at younger ages than ever, and it's nice to have an activity where family involvement is celebrated.

Many of the benefits of the other activities, such as promoting physical coordination and social skills, providing a structured routine, building self-esteem and developing talents and cognitive abilities, are all encompassed in a Kindermusik class. Plus, there is the added benefit of a development for a love of music that will last long past the time the dance shoes and karate gees are put away - in fact, as we say at Kindermusik, "A good beginning never ends."

The opportunity to creatively express their individual imaginations through art, vocal, dance and instrumental activities is unique to Kindermusik.

My child loves Kindermusik class and sings all of the songs and does all of the activities at home, but when we are in class, he/she just sits there.

Not to worry! Although this is sometimes frustrating to parents because of our performance-oriented society, developmentally, pushing children to perform has no place in an Early Childhood program of any kind. We believe the parent is the child s most important teacher, and the home is the most important place for that learning to grow.

When you think about it, success should be measured more by what a child does throughout the rest of the week than what he/she does in the 45 minutes at Kindermusik class. And remember that Kindermusik is about Process, not Performance. Every child can be successful in a Kindermusik class no matter what developmental level he/she is at.

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