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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My child and I have a lot of fun in Kindermusik class, but sometimes I she/he really learning anything about music?
  2. I plan to have my children take music lessons when they are older. Why should I bother with a music class when they are so young?
  3. Honestly, how do BABIES really benefit from their own music class?
  4. What if I want to enrol my child in gymnastics, dance, soccer, karate, or pre-school?
  5. Am I getting VALUE for money?
  6. My child has special developmental problems. Is Kindermusik suitable for him/her?
  7. Can I purchase gift vouchers for friends and family?
  8. Are holiday programs available?
  9. Is it mixed classes for Mums and Dads?
  10. How many children are in each class?