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Parents, Grandparents, nannies, carers, aunts or uncles are all welcome to bring children.

When to arrive

Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early for a class. Arriving a little before class provides time for your child to settle in to the musical environment as they prepare to enjoy exploring instruments, reading books, or listening to music.

Missed Classes

Sick Children

For more information on our sick policy.

Public Holidays

Classes will not be held on public holidays and they will not be included in the semester fees.

Siblings in Classes

Tantrums and Disruptions in class:

Tantrums are a natural part of life as a toddler but unfortunately in a small space with many other toddlers tantrums can make it very difficult for everyone to enjoy a class and to hear the teacher. If your child is having a tantrum, extremely upset, or exhibiting disruptive behaviour please take them out of the room to calm them down. You are most welcome to bring them back in when they have settled. This is not meant to be a punishment but is simply out of consideration for everyone else in the class including the teacher. It is very difficult to be heard or sing over a screaming toddler and can also be upsetting to the other children. Taking your child out, away from the focus of others, until they have had a chance to clam themselves, is sometimes all that is needed.

Parent’s of children in the Imagine That! class who are being disruptive or who may be upset will be asked to take their child out until they calm down.

Changing to Another Class

If you need to change to another class of the same age group, during the semester, you may do so, if there is room in the other class. This may be especially relevant for village classes where babies are changing their sleep times.

If your child needs to change to another age group during semester the At Home Materials for the new group will need to be purchased. Once again, age groupings are guidelines, and will be assessed individually so a child will not automatically have to go up to the next group if  his birthday falls within a semester.

Grandparents and visiting others

Visitors such as grandparents or a visiting parent are welcome to participate or sit at the side of the classroom and watch during Village or Our Time classes. For an Imagine That! class they are welcome to join the group during sharing time.

Supervision of Children

The child’s supervision is the parents/caregivers responsibilty before, during and after class. The 30minute session during Imagine That! when the parents are not present is the exception to this. If a child needs to go to the bathroom during this time, their parent will be asked to take them as the teacher can not leave the other children unattended.

Food, Drinks and Toys

We do request that toys, and juice cups be kept out of sight, and that snacks be finished prior to the class. Please do not allow your child to eat food in class, as other children may have allergies, it is a distraction for the rest of the children and it can also be dangerous. If your child needs to eat or drink during class please take them out of the class area.

Free visits and demo classes

New parents or friends visiting for the 1st time are welcome to enjoy a class for free. Please call Michelle for availability.


During the class the most important thing you can do for your child is to be an active and patient role model. It is not uncommon for a child to attend several classes before feeling comfortable in class. Don’t be discouraged- what a child is absorbing in class often shows itself in the comfort of the home environment rather than in a certain level of participation in class. The understanding and consistency of the parent or caregiver in class and at home are key to facilitating musical learning and growth.

When you are an active, focused, enthusiastic participant in the class activities, your child will model your actions and focus more fully too.

You and your child will enormously benefit from the kindermusik experience, especially if you make active use of your At Home Materials. Frequent reinforcement at home throughout the week makes all the difference in a child’s comfort and participation in class.

It is OK if your child seems more hesitant in a group environment than at home. If your child cannot focus on the present activity-don’t worry, but do actively attempt to help them refocus or quietly engage them in participating in their own way.